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Your boiler is the heart of your home heating and water heating, you need to treat it like any other major home appliance and look after it.


Getting your boiler services every year will ensure that freak accidents from leaks don’t happen, so you can keep your home safe.


A poorly maintained central heating system is an inefficient one. And, inefficiency costs cold-hard-cash.

Welcome To Workman Boiler Services

Our Annual Boiler Service is a cost efficient way of maintaining your boiler and will help keep your central heating running efficiently and safely

About us

Regularly servicing your boiler saves you money on your bills and helps keep your home safe.

Specialising in both oil & gas boiler servicing, we respond quickly to urgent needs We come to you fully stocked with burner and boiler parts and fittings so we can get the job done on the spot.

We are based in Belfast and cover all over Northern Ireland, After your service is complete we will even set a reminder to call you the following year so you can rely on us to make sure your boiler is serviced every year.

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